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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

— Neale Donald Walschb



I'm a Commercial Photographer and Graphic Designer. I have an unconventional style that adds a bit of quirkiness, while meeting a client's needs. 

I contribute innovative ideas, a positive attitude, teamwork, and an eagerness to learn. I'm accustomed to being productive in a fast pace environment where rush deadlines are common and varied responsibilities are typical. I'm highly driven by challenges and thinking outside of the box. 

I find happiness in corny humor (especially food puns), long car rides with good music, traveling, concerts, tacos, coffee, and getting out of my comfort zone.


My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light.

Always experimenting with new techniques, I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and use both according to the needs of the project.

I take direction well and am also comfortable giving direction. I enjoy combining my photography and design skills to create full campaigns, including digital ads, print ads, email marketing, EDD mailings pieces, and social media content.

My background in photography gives me the advantage of being able to see the big picture of the project, as well as the opportunity to shoot my own photos for the design work I create.  

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